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StudentID Scanning & Notification

Send real-time parent alerts when students scan "out" or "in" to District buildings

Empower students to freely exit and enter your campus with LTGI Open Campus©

School districts are regularly facing the challenge of providing students with flexibility in where and when learning occurs. More frequently, students are gaining access to off-campus learning experiences during the regular school day. With these opportunities come the challenges school leaders face of providing a safe, accurate, and real-time solution for monitoring student attendance and parent notification.

LTGI Open Campus© works with your existing barcoded student ID cards. It reads information from your Student Information System and provides students with a “Green” (good to go) screen or “Red” (not permitted) screen when their ID card is scanned. Building administrators are able to determine the criteria for the approval (green) and denial (red) screens, including student GPA, parent permission, behavior incidents, Administrative permission or other.

How it Works

Each night, your Student Information System shares specific criteria with the Open Campus system. When a student wants to leave your campus early, a student scans their ID card and compares Open Campus permissions:

  1. Students who meet the criteria established by administration receive a “Green checkmark” screen and are permitted to leave the building.

  2. If a student doesn’t meet the criteria, the student will receive a “Red” screen and an optional explanation for the ineligibility (GPA, Parent Permission, Administrative hold, or other reason).

  3. Parents are instantly notified via email when students arrive or leave the building, including the time and door used, and a database entry is made. Likewise, if the student returns later in the day, their “Arrival” scan notifies their parents and another database entry is made.

  4. Each afternoon, the attendance office and Principal, and others receive an email summary of student departures and arrivals. These reports can be used to maintain a running log of student campus access.

Searchable Database

Student movement is recorded in the database where Administrators can search and display student activity by student ID number, name, date, and other.

Getting Started

In short, we guide your team to make sure you’re up and running quickly and easily. To get started, email us with a list of the buildings and doors that you want students to use. We populate the database and users and work with your technology staff to connect the scanners and laptops, and the criteria that students need to meet.

Hosted and affordable

Open Campus is a hosted application and costs is priced per month, per scanned door. It works with any modern District-supplied laptop and most USB barcode scanners (we’ll help you choose the equipment needed).

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